Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trouble Strikes Again....

I have two boys...great boys.. but sometimes.. sometimes I think they are out to get me. Last night I discovered their latest attempt. We have a deep freeze. I try to keep it stocked. With this pregnancy and not always feeling good especially. Anytime I felt like it I made twice as much food as we needed and froze half.. So my freezer had homemade things like...chili, veggie soup, choc. chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie dough, roll dough, bread dough, pizza dough, spaghetti sauce etc... plus I had stocked it with easy meals, treats and ice cream. We are a one income family. I coupon and save and scrimp to make ends meet. A few months ago we had a massive storm roll through and because we live so far out in the country it took them 5 days to get our power turned back on... yeah well that killed everything in  my fridge and freezer. So I have been rebuilding. I like to have it stocked.. knowing that some weeks my husband may not have a good check if  his hours are cut or whatever.. I wont have to worry about food so much. This past Friday my boys were messing with the freezer they know its where the cookies and treats are. I told them to get out of it.. they shut the door and left it alone... It has an alarm if the door is open or if the temp goes up in it. It never sounded. I went in there last night to pull the pile of clothes I had made there this weekend. I am pulling winter stuff out to wash and get ready for this year. When I picked them up they were a sodden mess. My heart dropped I jerked open the freezer everything was dripping and blood from meat was everywhere. I think I stopped breathing for a minute or two. My husband helped me clean up everything. It took hours. I cried hours. I know it may seem silly but I had put so much time work and energy in that freezer.. plus MONEY. I managed to salvage a few things some meat in the back was still cold because it was under a few pkgs.. So I have them in my fridge to find a way to use today... but I am at a loss mentally...and I am more than a little sad. I know I can replace it all.. with more work and more time....and the kicker..more money.. right here when we are fixing to have a baby... and still need things for her...and right around Christmas time. Life sure knows how to kick you when your down. I'm off to go see if I can find some deals to save money...and stock my freezer back a little at a time. If anyone has any freezer meals they would like to share I would love to hear them.. or if you have ways to save money....I am certainly all ears.

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