Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 10/15

I menu plan just about every week. It helps me alot with time. It saves me money because if I am prepared we aren't as tempted to order takeout. But because I am pregnant sometimes my tastes changes so I make my menu flexible. I keep a list of meals that I plan on making that week on my calendar. I keep lunch ideas...snack ideas so I can feed my monsters in case prego brain kicks in...and the boys say we are hungry mommy...otherwise you know I might stand in front of the fridge staring in the cavernous depth with no clue what to make. Just in case you have never been pregnant...let me tell you a fun fact most moms leave out... I don't know if its a conspiracy...or they can't remember to tell you. Being pregnant destroys brain cells... I am so forgetful now its unbelievable.. I don't know maybe I was before 3 pregnancies... I can't I choose to believe babies are killing my brain cells. Anyways down to my meal plans for this week. Mainly I just list the main entree and leave sides off because its easy for me to do veggies etc... sometimes if I want something specific with them I will list the entire meal.

Breakfast plans- Egg Nog French Toast, Pumpkin Muffins, Strawberry Yogurt Parfait, Baked Oatmeal Muffins (these are all the special breakfasts I plan on making. Most mornings we have toast with eggs, or we have eggs and biscuits...but if I feel inspired to make a special breakfast I list it on the menu...because otherwise shortly after the inspiration and acquiring of all ingredients...I will forget ) Breakfasts are usually with a side of eggs or fruit and a yogurt cup.

Lunch plans- Tomato Soup with grilled cheese sticks, individual pizzas, homemade lunchable, pb & j with Veg. Soup, Baked chicken nuggets.. Plus they can have any leftover dinner items they choose. I generally serve everything with a veggie and fruit. So they have options of carrot sticks, broccoli fries, corn cobbettes, apples, bananas, and pears.

Dinner Plans

Teryaki Chicken and Veggies served over brown rice.

Baked Pasta/Cheater Lasagna, Salad and/or Steamed Broccoli, and garlic rolls

Parmesan Tilapia, Roasted Potatoes, Slaw, Hush Puppy Muffins

Chicken and Dumplings Casserole, Green Beans, Faux Fried Apples

Cinnamon Rolls, Trash Eggs, Baked Hash Browns (trash eggs-scrambled eggs with crumbled sausage or ham, cheese, sometimes mushroom or other veggies I have on hand)

Hamburger Steaks with Mushrooms and Onion, Creamed Potatoes, Sweet Peas, and Corn Bread

Camp Fire Hot Dogs, Chips, Slaw and Baked Beans (this is going to be our little home Halloween type requested the menu..and they requested to cook it over a fire)

I stumbled upon a place where other people get together and show their menus... I think its awesome because its going to help give ideas for future meals so I am linking up. Go check out

Menu Plan Monday


  1. I love meal planners! Thanks for sharing all this great info.

    I am returning the follow ;)
    julie @ Naptime Review

    1. Meal planning is a life saver for me! Thanks for following!

  2. I need to make a meal planner! It would make my life so much easier!

    New follower from the GFC Hop!
    Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie

    1. Thanks Leslie.. I will hop over to your page and check yours out! Meal planning really helps me out... I buy one of those big calendars at Walmart every year with blank spaces and fill in the dinners we have... which also helps because I can go back and get meal ideas...and I star meals we really enjoyed.