Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am still here just working away....Freezer Cooking

I just wanted to say to any comments or new followers I have got in the last few days I will get back to you as soon as I can. We had a busy weekend... very full with fall plans. We had leaf fights and picnics...and campfire cooking. Lots of wonderful family time. Yesterday I was exhausted because 27 weeks pregnant and non-stop go-go-go with two very active boys is a recipe for being wore out. I did take the time to start gathering what I needed for today.... Today's adventure is freezer cooking. I plan on making at least 5 meals that can go in the freezer... This is very unplanned but hey go with the inspiration right? So far the main ingredient is chicken breast. Because that's what I recently got a good deal on. I got 40lbs of organic chicken breasts for 1.99lb. So part of it will be trimmed and cut up and just bagged for meals. Then half of it is going to be made into the actual meal and frozen. First up Chicken Enchiladas... I have to cook the chicken and make the enchilada sauce.. Then I am going to do some chicken spinach manicotti... I am going to throw together a bag or so of a crockpot meal..that way it just dumps and cooks...I also am going to do a couple of different chicken casseroles. I am winging it today but I will certainly post a list of what I was able to accomplish. Do any of you do any kind of freezer cooking? If so what is your go to recipes?

So just know all my wonderful new friends I am not ignoring you... I promise I will be back.. just as soon as I get my head above the water...or out of the freezer...or away from the stove...lol.


  1. Hello I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award please follow the link to my blog for details

  2. Good luck with your freezer cooking! I love spending a day or two in the kitchen and coming out with a freezer full of go to meals for later!
    Be sure to get some rest too...

    1. I promise this weary Mom has some rest planned this weekend. I already requested we build a fire outside and let the boys run crazy with flashlights in the dark. We did it last weekend and you should have seen them crash that night when we came in...no arguing...they willingly took baths and crawled into bed... plus I got the added benefit of just sitting on the quilt cuddled up and giggling at them..