Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Halloween...and a Happy Anniversary

So it wasn't really my boys 1st Halloween.. I mean yeah they are 3 and 2 but before tonight we never went trick or treating. I didn't feel right taking a little nugget around for candy they weren't going to eat. Now they do candy occasionally so trick or treating time it was... My 3 year old was 2 year old was a dino...and my hubby was a biker and I was his old lady... Which technically my husband "was" a biker in real life. We sold the bike last year when we realized hey we aren't going to get to ride for a very long time...but it was kinda last minute... we got the boys ready and they got upset we weren't in costume... so I put on some "hooker" makeup... which is really just hot pink and black smokey eyes that I never have the occasion to wear..some long gorgeous eyelashes and then all black including my big tall knee high boots..My hubby pulled out all his leathers and pulled his hair back in a pony tail and off we went. It was so much fun. My boys didn't really get the whole candy part but while we were at my grandmothers church they got an apple and they were more excited about the apple than all the candy bars combined... They kept saying is the apple getting hurt by all this candy? I assured them it was fine....they did eat a sucker and a few pieces of candy.. I will let them have it in small doses for a little while.. We had the most fun just hanging out with friends and seeing friends. So now onto the anniversary part.. It was our 6 year anniversary.. let me put this into perspective because I heard this all day yesterday.. yes we have been married 6 years and now have 3 kids...and yes I have been pregnant for more anniversaries than I have not been pregnant for. But apparently we are doing something right 6 years still going strong. Anyways I love all my monsters... big, tall, little and small... Now marching on into November.
You didn't think you were getting out of looking at my monsters did you? Ha

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