Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not Your Moma's Roast Chicken....

Have you ever got poultry drunk? Or how about shot it up? Wait a minute its not what you think. I am not contributing to the delinquency of fowl...nor am I starting a drug habit in the animal kingdom.. What I am doing is making a really good and really yummy dinner. Have you ever made roast chicken? Like a whole chicken. Its one of our favorite meals. I have a yummy no fail method... you know as in you cant mess this up...I mean seriously I have two monsters doing laps around me at any given time plus I have pregnancy brain which means I forget things like constantly....um what were we talking about again? Oh yeah chicken. Anyways lets get this bird to going...

Here is what I started out with....

 That's a 6lb chicken...a bottle of beer.. not that you need the whole bottle...and injector needle...a meat thermometer and my rub of choice today.

First thing I did was wash the chicken and pat it dry... then I rubbed it down really good with my seasonings of choice. Inside, outside, under, over...under the skin on top of the skin... really get this bird covered...  I took a coffee cup poured the beer into it and drew some up into my needle..I pour some beer into a coffee cup so that someone who is not pregnant can finish the beer and it doesn't go to waste.  I stuck the needle into the bird all over it..in the breast legs etc.. I really plumped her up. Here so you can get an idea.

Ok now here is where I show you baby brain again... I forgot to take a picture of a few steps... So lets use our imaginations shall we? I took a half of onion cut into chunks and stuffed it up inside of the chicken after injecting..Then I washed my hands really well and started preparing our roasting pan. If you think getting my chicken drunk is the weirdest thing I am going to do to this bird...well you would be wrong...


No your eyes do not deceive you...that my friend is a bundt cake pan...and no I didn't forget we were making chicken and switch to a cake post midway thru...which to be honest if someone was going to do that.. I would be the one... Anyways take a cookie sheet and cover it in foil. Sit your bundt cake pan on top. I sprayed liberally with nonstick spray on the inside of my pan... Ok so you have your chicken..but you need to make your chicken a seat. I wouldn't dream of just dropping that pour bird down in that cold hard pan...enter vegetables... Now you can use any combo you want...potatoes carrots corn cobbettes etc.. This time I did carrots and onions because my kiddos love carrots..and they also requested mashed potatoes with this meal. So I took a 1 pound bag of baby carrots dropped them right in the bottom... half of an onion chopped up, salt, pepper, 1 T. of olive oil..and 1 T. of brown sugar. I mixed it all inside the pan.

Ok now you take the south end of your chicken and place it over that opening...ahem.

Tuck your wings behind the bird...and now put your bird in an oven preheated to 250 degrees and set your timer for 5 hours and walk away. Thetas right 250 degrees for 5 hours... So for 5 hours you don't have to do anything else...the oven is babysitting your chicken... Somebody has to watch that chicken...because I can't leave my monsters alone for 30 seconds...I don't have time for chicken watching... Of course at some point I have to peel potatoes and all but hey that's what they make duct tape for... so you can tape your kids to the wall and get a few minutes peace... Joking just a little mommy humor.. I would never tape my kids to the wall... it would be wrong..and it would probably ruin my paint job...lol
When she is done she will probably look something like this...
Now she is sitting lopsided... but she is perfectly fine. I took the chicken out and put it on a platter surrounded it with the carrots and onions.. .Then I had a go at the juices and broth left and made some gravy... Also just for safety sake I checked the temp of the chicken in the meatiest part of the thigh to make sure it was done and it was perfect... I served it with the roasted carrots, onion, mashed potatoes gravy, peas, and big fluffy rolls.
Ok now there are several ways you can vary up my recipe.... you can leave off the injecting with beer part I mean you may prefer your chickens sober...no judgement.  I just really like the flavor and moistness it imparts... you can stuff it with lemon halves... rub it with butter.. I mean seriously Ina Garten can make roast chicken thousands of different ways or so she says... Also if you don't have 5 hours you can roast it at 375 for 1-1.5 hours or until your meat thermometer says its done... What ever floats your gravy boat... All that you really have to do is make this chicken..standing up in a cake pan...because who doesn't love a talented chicken with good posture... It also helps it is so good and you don't want to miss out on it! Plus who knew a cake pan is useful for something besides cakes.
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