Thursday, September 13, 2012

Insomnia leads to Apple Butter... what? thats not what you do when you can't sleep.

Last night everyone in my family drifted off to sleep at 9:30 p.m. Except for me... you know the pregnant one. The one that should have been sleeping... I have had insomnia on and off my entire life. So after watching some mindless t.v. Endless episodes of junk... I got bored. This past Sunday my family and I went to an apple orchard a town over... Its was a lovely little Sunday drive winding through mountain roads. Lovely if you don't count the bbq place we just had to try that cost a small fortune... who charges 15 dollars for a plate of pork basically served out of a trailer... I hate eating out for the most part because its never worth the money... Also don't count when we were in the apple barn and the 2 year old had an epic meltdown ... or the 3 year old standing shouting how he went to the bathroom in his pull up for everyone and their neighbor to hear... oh yeah and don't count the carsick that hit me on the way home... and don't count the crazy price we paid for a couple bushels of apples.. Ok so maybe it wasn't all that lovely... but if you have 2 little kids and can take a trip without drama more power to you. Us not so much. It wouldn't be a family trip if I didn't half lose my mind. So anyways I have apples... lots of apples. I have already made an apple butter cake, fried apples, and we have been eating apples as snacks for days. Anyways sitting on the couch last night it hit me. I get brilliant past midnight. Pure genius. It could be because its the only time the house is quiet and I can hear myself think. That means I am brilliant all the time.. Einstein in yoga pants.. shouting at her children don't hit your brother, don't lick your brother, don't lick me.... nobody touch anyone else. I just don't always hear the genius...its muffled by monster noises. So sitting on the couch it dawned on me. I could go in there peel apples, chop them, and put them in the slow cooker... and in the morning I would have apple butter. So that's what I did. I didn't even half cut my finger off... lose my mind...and I didn't have to shout at anyone to stop licking some one else. It was magically peaceful. I was alone with my Einsteinish thoughts. Which went something like... hmmm how do I season this... cinnamon, cloves? The kitchen would look so nice a brighter color. I could go pick out paint swatches. I really would love to finish that mirror for over the fireplace. I cant believe its almost September. Fall is my favorite time of year. The baby will be here before I know it. Omg I need to figure out who is going to watch the boys while they are cutting this new little she-monster out of me. We haven't bought anything for the new baby... Wait what the hell am I doing in the kitchen at 2am... oh yeah apple butter.. after that I tried to concentrate mainly on the task at hand because I almost cut the hand that was doing the task off... I loaded all the chopped apples into the slow cooker and tossed with the spices I had devised. Here is what she looked like.
Then I turned the slow cooker on low.. Let me tell you the smell that went through my house all night was amazing... Scentsy has nothing on apples in the crockpot. Every inch of my house smelled divine...all night long.. Probably would have lasted longer but I have boys.. Is it just my boys or does that baby smell wear off too soon? I swear one day they smelled like lotion and baby powder and the next day...well I wont tell you what they smelled like...lets just say its not cinnamon and spice and everything nice.. So I got up and finished the apples. All I did was stuck my immersion blender in for a whir... and  put the mixture in jars and then processed them for 10 minutes.. and this what I had.

Apple Butter.. I had enough left over for a small container which I put directly in the fridge. The boys enjoyed it this morning on some hot biscuits with their scrambled eggs... You can tell it is good when they are quietly eating. They don't want to talk..or lick one another... It lasted for all of 10 minutes but hey I will take what I can get. Insomnia sometimes has its benefits.... Now I have 1.5 bushels of apples left... I may never sleep again.

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