Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Get Rid of the Mildew Smell in Towels

In that cup is the magic ingredient keep reading to see what works!

I live in a family of stinky monsters... Seriously. My boys and my man... make everything smelly. Since I have been dealing with pregnancy I have fallen behind on some household chores.. Like laundry... Ok I am going to keep it real. I don't have to be pregnant to fall behind on laundry. We dirty up more than our fair share of towels clothes and etc... But one problem that has drove me nuts is the smell of towels. Seriously I know the culprit is the boys... soaked sodden towels tossed into the hamper and left for days...or as luck would have it  a week...because if its a really bad week I keep pulling enough off the top for a load...while the stuff on the bottom really gets a smell going. I wash them and they always smell great after but sometimes my powerful pregnancy nose can detect something else... I had to get rid of that background smell... It was driving me nuts. A while back I found a tutorial for cleaning the washing machine with vinegar... so I wondered if I could use it to help with the towels. I started filling the machine up with water and added 2 cups of vinegar. Then I added the towels in... I let it work for a few minutes to get it mixed up good. Then I paused my machine.. Not all machines have this option if yours doesn't just leave the machine open.. I let the towels soak for an hour then let the machine continue on a heavy wash. When you are done you can put them in the machine when they are dry the vinegar smell will be completely gone. What I like to do is run it through a light wash with my regular detergent and softener...just because I like the smell my laundry detergent leaves... I have now done this with all the towels, dish clothes and wash clothes in my house. You can't tell anyone stinky lives here... Try it.

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