Monday, September 17, 2012

I made some bread.. not the kind you spend the kind you eat.

Ok so nobody is reading this...but I need a record of this. I made bread real bread... and it was just like a cookbook picture. If you can make bread easy peasy good for you. I however live in GA...where humidity is a horrid rhymes with witch starts with a b and it should be in all CAPS. I have been trying for years. I finally got it right.. so without beating around the bush... here she is
I kid you not I held my breath the entire time I was making it.. and I may or may not have sat in front of the stove with the light on watching it bake...then I may or may not have texted the above picture to everyone I know... There is no proof of it. Mainly because none of my friends know about this...well one does but if she doesn't keep her mouth shut I swear she will sleep with the fishes.. Not about the bread...seriously tell everyone. I made bread successfully. Keep me nerding out on this blog a secret. Want to know how I made it?? Seriously.. anyone anyone? Ok I need some peoples to read my blog so we can talk about cooking and kids..and pregnancy...and maybe marriage... how hard life sometimes is... because seriously life can be glorious one moment and the next minute its down in the gutter... Much like my mind. but that's a whole other subject..having nothing to do with bread and all to do with the therapy I probably need. So far I am talking to myself here which brings up that previous subject of needed therapy...  


  1. Yay to you for making bread from scratch!! It looks glorious : )

  2. Thank you... Honestly it was glorious... but every loaf before it although tasted good favored quazimoto.... I was glad that I finally held my mouth right for once and I wrote it all down so I could do it again. Now my husband is trying to convince me to stop buying storebought and just make it.. I'm thinking he needs