Saturday, January 5, 2013

I miss you guys!!

I just wanted to take a quick moment and tell you all I haven't left you. I am 37 weeks pregnant and have had a pretty rough time. Quite a few complications...more than a few hospital visits..and I am just tired and worn out at this point. She could be born at any minute... She and I are both currently healthy and fine.. Mom is a little battle scared but as long as my daughter is healthy I can handle it. Here is to 2013 may it be a fabulous year full of adventures... As soon as I have her I will post and hopefully when I get adjusted to life with a newborn...again.. I will get back to posting regularly... for now just stick around...check your reading list occasionally...or pop over to my pages... Love you guys



  1. Sorry to hear you've had complications! Hope everything is okay....good luck in the coming weeks :)


    1. Thanks Bobi. We are doing pretty good right now.. but it has defenitely been a rough couple of months. A stomach virus hit my house...everyone else handled it fine. I dehydrated within just a few hours and got a hospital trip. I fell while out with the family and that got me another couple days in the hospital. Plus preterm contractions. I am finally at a point where if I go into labor again they will let me have her... almost 38 weeks now...whew...its been a bumpy ride. I cant wait to have her.