Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hey y'all guess who is back, back again...tell a friend.

Ok so low and behold ladies.. I am still living and kickin... much like the proverbial chicken. Don't get it? Its a southern thing.. So here I am now.. Mommy of 3 kids... I had my little girl 1/10/13 with lots of complications before they finally took her and I will tell that story later.. But first what I would like to tell you is that there are going to be some changes up in this house.. My house.. my blog... you know my whole world. Now this may mean you will get excited... or you will get bummed.. Either way your gonna get something out of it.. What changes you ask? Well first and foremost... I am going to start losing weight.. and so to hold myself accountable... I am going to blog about it... now to keep it separate I started a new blog called Lose the Fat Save a Farm Girl there I will post my weight...and my efforts to lose it.. Second my husband and I are going to remodel our house.. like our whole house.. one room at a time.. on a limited budget..and then we are going to move outside and do it there to. So this blog will have my cooking posts...healthy and not so healthy... house remodeling... stories of the adventures in child raising...crafting and anything else I want to do. So in the next few days I will post some before pictures of our first project... also I would like to not this is our first real project together... I probably need to have a marriage counselor on stand by... and if that isn't complicated enough we all have a wicked cold.. as in the Hubbybubby, both monsters boys, and me... So far the princess has been kept in a bubble... and since I finally have a girl its a pink bubble with ruffles and polka dots. See you soon.. and this time I mean in tomorrow people!!

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